Since 2012 We Fly Drones !

Since 2012 We Fly Drones !

Since 2012 We Fly Drones !

We are a mexican crew especialized in drones that offers the aerial filming service and underwater


Our crew works hand in hand with the Directors and DPs, in order to provide a specialized tool that improves your ability to tell a story and increase the value of production with each flight.


Our team has 9 years of experience, understands that safety and the ability to obtain the shot are the most important!


The A & H Aerial Productions crew are licensed and certified by the DGAC to operate UAVS (drones) of up to 25kg in the national airspace as well as certified diver for underwater filming.


A & H Aerial Productions has third party liability and third party damages insurance.


We provide our services throughout the Mexican Republic, Central America, South America.

Our Crew


 Drone Operator | Camera Operator | Underwater Operator

Roberto Hurko


 Drone Operator | Drone Tech | FPV Operator

Ismael Gonzalez

 Drone Operator | Camera Operator  | Underwater Operator 

 Drone Operator | Camera Operator | Underwater Operator

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